The Carnegie Theatre (Covington, Kentucky)

“Leading the cast as Judy Garland is Kim Schroeder Long, who has [the] incredible singing and acting chops required to play the demanding role. The musical numbers seem effortless and engaging, capturing the nuances of a star basically having a breakdown with a show that must go on. Kim is able to capture all the humorous yet heartbreaking ironies of the character with grace” – Nathan Top, League of Cincinnati Theatres

Red Barn Theatre (Key West, Florida)

“… the transformation is nothing short of remarkable, both externally and internally… Long doesn’t just ‘play’ Rosemary Clooney. She ‘becomes’ Rosemary Clooney… Long has spent years finding that essence… when you watch the show, it’s apparent that Clooney found Long as well. Her interactions with co-star David Black – who is also remarkable in no less than ten different roles of people in Clooney’s life – are so startlingly three-dimensional that without even realizing it, you’re sure you are really seeing Rosemary Clooney on that stage… you really feel her in front of you.” – Bob Bowersox, Konk Life

Kim Schroeder Long’s performance is dazzling, with the same velvety, torch sound in her voice when she sings… [she] manages to capture the scrappiness of Clooney’s personality… Long excels as an actress, especially in the second act when she totally draws you into the zeitgeist of the times. She has done her research.” – Joanna Brady, Konk Life

Jewel Theatre Company (Santa Cruz, California)

“The highly comedic couple keeps us laughing throughout their odd quirks and perpetual financial woes. Mrs. Micawber chooses to stand by her husband and Long and Dietrich capture this dynamic amazingly well.” – Jocelyn McMahon, Performing Arts Monterey Bay

Altarena Playhouse (Alameda, California)

“… the production has lots to recommend… with Kim Schroeder Long a delight as Dolly, the bookkeeper for gangster Charlie” – Sally Hogarty, East Bay Times Curtain Calls

“… a lively staging with a pleasingly strong cast and some hysterical audience participation bits. Kim Schroeder Long is quick with the amused asides as Charlie’s bookkeeper, who has a not-at-all-subtle mutual flirtation going on with Francis… the Altarena ensemble does the boisterous material proud” – Sam Hurwitt, The Mercury News

The Carnegie Theatre (Covington, Kentucky)

“Tenderly requires top notch, versatile performances. It delivers… there is not a single note or lift Schroeder Long utters that isn’t brimming with intention and purpose” – Hannah Gregory, League of Cincinnati Theatres

“Long has a tremendously talented voice… It’s a role that builds in intensity, and… Long’s work on stage is sustained and focused” – Jack Crumley, League of Cincinnati Theatres

“Kim Schroeder Long surely looks and sounds like the beloved ‘girl singer’ from Northern Kentucky” – Rick Pender, CityBeat

Altarena Playhouse (Alameda, California)

“The roles of all these early [twentieth] century celebrities are played with careful attention to accuracy. Kim Schroeder Long does a particularly noteworthy job as Bette Davis —the highest paid and most significantly credited actress of that era” – Alice Grace Chalip, East Bay Times

“… a very talented cast, including… the always impressive Kim Schroeder Long (Bette Davis)” – Sally Hogarty, East Bay Times Curtain Calls

“… glamorous Bette Davis (outstanding Kim Schroeder Long)… expresses her dissatisfaction with [Errol] Flynn in my favorite song of the night” – Bob Gardner, Theatrius

“The acting, especially Long… is comically appealing” – Steve Murray, For All Events

“The strength of this work is in its poignant juxtapositions… ‘It’s hard to be a goddess,’ sang Kim Schroeder Long in a rich mezzo voice. ‘You’d think it’d be swell, but it’s hell…”” – Adam Broner, Repeat Performances

Altarena Playhouse (Alameda, California)

“Kim Schroeder Long delivers a strong portrayal of Rosemary Clooney in ‘Tenderly’… the hits just keep coming… It’s always a pleasure to hear those popular favorites, especially with all the power Long packs into them” – Sam Hurwitt, The Mercury News

“The vivacious Kim Long brings Rosemary Clooney to life… charms us with her powerful and expressive voice… singing classic Clooney not by imitation, but by basking in her aura… [doing] great justice to Clooney’s hits… her Clooney engages the audience with bittersweet details… a superb job of conveying the singer’s brutal honesty” – Bob Gardner, Theatrius

“Kim Schroeder Long beautifully recreates Clooney’s unique vocal style, giving her a vulnerability and fragility even at the height of her career that makes her breakdown the more believable. She also does a nice transition to a much older and wiser Clooney at the end of the show” – Sally Hogarty, East Bay Times Curtain Calls

“Long’s portrayal of Rosemary is wonderful… [she] embodies the lyrics with a passion that can only be described as intoxicating. Each phrase, note, and cutoff Long employs as she dazzles the audiences… are the very reason people come to see a show like this” – Marc Gonzalez, The Road to 1,000 Blog

“Long is a delight as Rosie, confidently managing the show’s many vocal challenges, excelling in the dramatic moments that define the insights into this complex character” – Steve Murray, For All Events

“The talented Long… has a first rate voice… Long also is excellent creating Clooney’s tumultuous emotional ride, including her crash of mind after she witnessed Bobby Kennedy’s death” – Vince Mediaa, San Francisco Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle

IAM Theatre (San Francisco, California)

“Kim Long is a wickedly sarcastic Caroline, Bingley’s snobbish sister with designs on Darcy” – Sam Hurwitt, Marin Independent Journal

Altarena Playhouse (Alameda, California)

“The actors don’t know which role they will get for each performance until they are voted in at [the start of] each show… It’s difficult to share thoughts about this talented cast since they are all first rate performers. Each member has to know the entire script and each character’s lines. It’s a demanding requirement” – Vince Mediaa, San Francisco Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle

Cincinnati Landmark Productions (Cincinnati, Ohio)

“Long is quite remarkable… At one moment, [she] portrays Blanche as a manipulative harridan. The next, she is so emotionally fragile you think it’s time to start a suicide watch. It’s a harrowing and extraordinary portrayal, so complete and so fully measured that anyone with an ounce of sensitivity ought to be grabbing for the tissues long before the show’s traumatic finale… The theater season is just a few weeks old, but it’s hard to imagine that… this production won’t be firmly ensconced on the best-productions list. It’s that good” – David Lyman, Cincinnati Enquirer

“Long, with a high-society Southern accent and old-fashioned allure, would steal the show if it weren’t for the talent of her cast… commanding the stage at the Covedale… I really can’t say enough nice things about this production… a knock-out, first-rate hit” – Kirk Sheppard, Cincinnati Arts Critic

“Kim Long does an admirable job… It is a difficult task to ground Blanche’s unreality about her life into a stage reality, something we can grasp that feels less like an actor acting like Blanche DuBois… she is her very own Blanche” – Stacy Sims, CityBeat

Cincinnati Shakespeare Company (Cincinnati, Ohio)

“It’s a fabulous group… Even Kim Long, as a maid who prattles on in French, has a chance to stop the show briefly” – David Lyman, Cincinnati Enquirer

Cincinnati Music Theatre (Cincinnati, Ohio)

“I… enjoyed the work of Kim Long as Mrs. Darling and Leo Long as Michael was a standout among the child actors” – Kirk Sheppard, Cincinnati Arts Critic

“Ms. Long’s beautiful voice, grace and stage presence were true to an upper-class British wife and mother” – Cheri Misleh, ACT

“Fine individual work by Kim and Leo Long adding to the layers of strong foundation in this production” – Gary Rogers, ACT

Mariemont Players (Mariemont, Ohio)

“Kim Long as Petra had wonderful moments… [her] rendition of ‘The Miller’s Son’ was a moment worth waiting for” – Robert Weidle, ACT

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