Getting My Garland On (Take 2)

It’s been my great fortune to have had several amazing opportunities over the years to portray some legendary female entertainers on stage, from Rosemary Clooney to Bette Davis, and almost Patsy Cline (in a production that, due to unfortunate circumstances that did not involve me, was canceled just before opening). Now, I am thrilled to announce my return to Covington, Kentucky this September to play Judy Garland in Peter Quilter’s End of the Rainbow, which was originally scheduled for a Spring 2020 run at The Carnegie Theatre before the pandemic suspended production. Under the direction of Alice Flanders, with music direction by Ted Baldwin, musical arrangements by Brian Allan Hobbs, and featuring a stellar supporting cast including Dylan Shelton, Aaron Whitehead, and Julie Locker, The Carnegie Theatre is finally able to present End of the Rainbow for a limited run September 10-19 at the brand new Covington Plaza at Riverfront Commons, a 1,350-seat outdoor amphitheater along the Ohio River against the backdrop of the glorious Cincinnati skyline. Tickets are on sale now!

VIDEO CLIP: EOTR in rehearsal, March 2020




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